Merchant Navy Fund's Winter Appeal 2022

Merchant Navy Fund's Winter Appeal 2022

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Were you home for Christmas?

It’s a common question asked to seafarers this time of year. Those who work try to wind up their contracts to get home to their families, but many can’t. Some may need the money. Some will have nowhere they can call home.


Roy's Story

Roy is over seventy years old and retired after working more than thirty years as a Merchant Navy seafarer. Since losing his wife at the beginning of the year, he has lived alone and has struggled financially due to the rising cost of living. Recently, Roy also received a letter from his landlord notifying him that he had just sixty days to vacate his home.

“I was just stunned by what was happening. But I needed to find somewhere else to live.”

Roy was being evicted so that the landlord could move a relative into the property. With very little savings, and no real possibility of returning to work at the age of seventy-one, Roy became desperate.

Eventually, he was put in contact with the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society. They helped him apply for financial support to help with some of his unexpected upcoming expenses. Removal costs, deposit, and rent for a new place to live.

They reviewed Roy’s case and were able to contribute a grant of £600.

The help the Society provides varies from case to case, whether it is an immediate grant for a retired Merchant Navy seafarer in need of short-term financial support, like Roy, or more practical advice for a working seafarer shipwrecked somewhere on the coast of the British Isles. The grants make a real difference to the lives of Merchant Navy seafarers and their families.

If you're feeling generous this winter, please donate to the Merchant Navy Fund today.

The Merchant Navy Fund supports the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society with regular significant grant funding to help Merchant Navy seafarers like Roy who are in desperate need of financial support. The uplift our grants provide can make a real difference, ensuring those caught in difficult situations like Roy are able to reduce the risk of going into debt or becoming homeless.

There are many people with a Merchant Navy background in need of assistance. Some seafarers face retirement with few savings and little or no pension. Younger seafarers and their families may need support for many different reasons, including the loss of a partner, serious illness, mental health issues and emotional problems.

We are all feeling the financial pressure right now, none of us can escape it. Which is why your generosity has that much more impact. You can help us support UK Merchant Navy seafarers and their families who, now more than ever, are struggling to navigate through this cost of living crisis.


The time is now to help Merchant Navy seafarers going through extreme hardship.