The Seafarers' Charity's Winter Appeal

The Seafarers' Charity's Winter Appeal

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Were you home for Christmas?

It’s a common question asked to seafarers this time of year. Those who work try to wind up their contracts to get home to their families, but many can’t. Some may need the money. Some will have nowhere they can call home.


Joe's Story








Joe worked at sea for more than 50 years. He is now retired and lives on his own in a council flat. He has survived on his pension, but the rising cost of living has made him desperate.

"I just needed help. Food is so expensive and most of the supermarkets are the same. I remember when I could afford a weekly shop on what I had but now, it's just too much."

Joe called Seafarers Advice & Information Line (SAIL) to find out if he was entitled to any benefits to help with his living costs. They reviewed his case and found that he was. They helped him apply for an Attendance Allowance, a benefit paid to people over the age of 65 who have difficulties looking after themselves due to a disability or illness. Joe was eligible because he is blind in one eye.

His advisor helped him successfully apply for the allowance and a council tax reduction, which made a huge difference.

"I still count my pennies, who doesn't?" Says Joe. "But it is such a relief, knowing I can afford to heat the house and buy food every week. I no longer have to worry about falling short."

The Seafarers’ Charity supports provides vital charitable funding to SAIL and other organisations who give free confidential advice on benefits, money issues, charitable grants, pensions and more to seafarers like Joe. It gives them the tools they need to improve their lives and remove disadvantage and hardship.


If you're feeling generous this winter, please donate to support The Seafarers’ Charity today.


This winter, our innovative emergency programme will make a real difference to people like Joe caught in difficult situations because of the cost-of-living crisis and need a helping hand. It offers immediate support in the areas that will have the most impact.


  • A telephone advice line which can provide immediate debt management advice.

  • Funding case workers to work with and support families in crisis.

  • Delivering relationship counselling services for families who are struggling to cope with the increased day to day stresses many of us face.

  • Hardship grants for families and individuals like Roy in desperate need of immediate funds for things like rent and bills, food and warm clothes, or emergency repairs to the essentials such as a boiler or a washing machine.

  • A new research project into the conditions and impact of short-term work contracts on financial resilience and mental health.


As many of us are already aware, this is a very real emergency.

This year, it is estimated that more than 1.5 million households in the UK will face the choice between heating and eating. Our innovative programme can help now.

It gives you the opportunity to make a difference now by supporting seafarers and their families who are facing in-work poverty and struggling to meet the increasing costs of inflation for basic needs such as food and fuel.

We are all feeling the financial pressure right now, none of us can escape it. Which is why your generosity has that much more impact. You can help us support seafarers like Joe and their families who, now more than ever, are struggling to navigate through this cost-of-living crisis.


The time is now to help our seafarers going through extreme hardship.